How to make glutinous rice pumpkin cake with bean paste

Make pumpkin cakes like pumpkin, and they feel very cute. Most importantly, to cajole our 5-year-old daughter, eat more:)

Material Science

One old pumpkin (the actual consumption is about two Jin, the rest can be packed in fresh-keeping bags, put it in the refrigerator, which will not be damaged in a week or two), glutinous rice flour is about 250 g, sugar is 30-50g (depending on the personal taste), a proper amount of bean sand (I bought ready-made bean sand directly), and decorated with 10 peanut nuts (or raisins, or other similar small things)


1. Cut the pumpkin into large pieces, steam it in a high pressure pot and cook well (about 15 minutes)

2. Take out the old pumpkin, peel it, and mash it thoroughly with a spoon. Add sugar and sugar before adding glutinous rice flour. After kneading into a dough, take the table tennis ball in a small group, roll it flat, wrap it with bean paste, and then close it (like a round of soup), press it flat slightly, carve the pumpkin’s pattern with a spoon, and then press half a piece of peanut kernel or raisins on the top. A small pumpkin will be made OK:))

3. After cooking, steam in a big fire for 10 minutes and then open it.


1. Old pumpkin to pick the kind of ugly surface pimples, will be powder, will be sweet.

2. Glutinous rice flour should be added when pumpkin paste is still hot, so the knead glutinous rice flour tastes very tough.

3. The amount of glutinous rice flour is only a general one. The degree of dry and wet should be able to knead into a dough as the standard, and it can not be too wet.

4. You can also mix some sticky rice flour in, so the taste is a little more Q.