How to make glutinous rice with Cantonese Bacon

Material Science

Bacon, peas, salt, glutinous rice

Soy sauce, soy sauce and lard, onion


1、 Steam the bacon soft and cut into thin slices;

2、 Saute the peas with oil, add a little salt, and set aside;

3、 The electric rice cooker is good for glutinous rice, but not too bad.

4、 Put the glutinous rice into the earthen pot and pour it with soy sauce, soy sauce and a little lard. Spread the sliced bacon on the noodles (if it’s large, you can put sausage, etc.), cover it, and put it in the microwave oven for about five to ten minutes. If it’s not sure, take it out first, and then bite it;

5、 When it’s done, put on the peas and sprinkle with scallions. At this time, it’s done.