How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

Golden cheese Chifeng cake

Material Science

How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

A. 75g fresh milk, 30g cream, 50g cream cheese

How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

B. Low gluten flour 80g

How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

C. 5 egg yolks

How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

D. Protein 5, sugar 80 grams (I have to lose 20 grams of sugar, like sweet can add)

How to make gold cheese Qifeng cake

The above materials can be made into an 8-inch mold

Preparation in advance

1. Good materials

2. Separate the egg protein and yolk and put them in two pots

3. Sift the low gluten flour well.

Golden cheese Qifeng cake

1. Pour the fresh milk, cream and cheese of a into a basin and heat it to 65 degrees over low heat. Melt the cream and cheese and turn off the heat. (if there is no thermometer, there is a small bubble in the middle of the basin, and the cream and cheese begin to melt.)

2. Mix 1% of the material evenly without particles, and then add the sifted low gluten flour to mix well.

3. Add the yolk of C and mix well to make a paste without powder.

4, the protein first uses the egg beating machine to lay out some bubbles, then joins and the sugar (divides 3 times to join) to hit the tail to erect the protein frost. (dry foaming)

5. Take 13 protein and put it into the egg yolk paste. Then pour it into the egg yolk paste and stir it with a plastic scraper from the bottom of the basin.

6. Finally, pour the cake paste into the mold, and tap the baking mold to make the surface of the cake paste free of bubbles.

7. Bake in the oven preheated to 150 ℃ for 40 minutes, take out the button and let cool before demoulding.

Food tips

1. It’s better to beat cream and cheese out of the refrigerator in advance.

2. Oil and water are not allowed when separating protein.

3. Because the cream cheese in this cake is easy to color, the temperature should not be too high when baking. If it is found that it has been colored halfway, it will be scorched by covering it with tin foil.