How to make golden cake

Golden cake

Material Science:

How to make golden cake

A. 100g low gluten powder, 12tbsp baking powder, 30g sugar, 1g salt

How to make golden cake

B. Egg 1, milk 65ml, vanilla essence a few drops

C. 10 grams of melted butter

How to make golden cake

1. Mix the materials in a well in the basin, add the mixed material B, stir with the manual egg beater until the batter is smooth, finally add the butter melted by C, mix well, and let stand for 5-10 minutes;

2. Take a flat bottomed non stick pan, bring it to a low heat, scoop in a proper amount of batter with a spoon, spread it into a round cake about 10 cm in diameter, fry it in a low heat until small holes appear on the surface, then turn it over, fry it out of the pan.

3. Pour some honey or condensed milk on it when eating.


1. Vanilla essence is not necessary;

2. After mixing the batter, let it stand for a while to make all kinds of materials fully integrate and the finished product more delicate.