How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

Green Mango Cream Cake

Materials: 3 eggs, 50g low powder, 30g milk, 30g corn oil, 50g sugar, 250g light cream, 30g white sugar, mango two, 1 nectarine, and a proper amount of fresh mint leaves.

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

The practice of Green Mango Cream Cake

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

1. Separate the yolk and protein into two different containers. Mix the yolk with milk, corn oil and low gluten flour.

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

2. The container of protein should be free of water and oil. Add a few drops of white vinegar into the container and beat it until it foams. Then add white sugar three times until the protein foams.

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

3. Put one-third of the cream into the egg yolk paste and stir well, then pour it back into the cream and mix it up.

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

4. Pour it into the baking mould and shake it a few times to make big bubbles.

How to make Green Mango Cream Cake

5. Put it in a preheated oven and bake it at 160 ℃ for 25 minutes, then change it to 14025 minutes, and then turn it upside down.

6. Wait until thoroughly cold, release the mold manually and then slice into two pieces.

7. Cream with 30 grams of sugar, spread on a cake, add a layer of peach, then cream, and cover with a cake, and frame the cake with cream.

8. Decorate with green, mango and mint leaves.

hot tip

1. Low gluten flour must be screened twice in advance, because the weather is humid in the south, the flour is easy to agglomerate, otherwise the cake will not be delicate enough.

2. Make egg yolk paste first. If you make egg yolk paste after using protein cream, the protein cream may defoaming in the middle of time.

3. The protein should be whipped immediately with sugar. It’s easy to whipped at once.

4. When whipping cream, the sugar ratio is usually 10:1, but I prefer a little sweeter.

5. The cake must wait until it’s cool enough to mount flowers. After it’s done, it should also be refrigerated in the refrigerator.

6. Each oven temperature is not the same, you can control the fire.