How to make green sauce oil cake

Green sauce oil cake

Ingredients: 300g flour, 200g warm water, green sauce, salt, vegetable oil

How to make green sauce oil cake

Practice of green sauce oil cake

How to make green sauce oil cake

1. Mix flour and warm water, knead into dough, and cut into equal size half after waking up for half an hour. Take one and roll it into a rectangle

2. Sprinkle the right amount of salt evenly, and then apply the green sauce

3. Roll up the dough and grow into strips

Long pancake

5. Roll out a pancake about 5mm thick

6. Heat the pan with proper amount of oil

7. Slide the big cake directly into the pan with the curtain and turn the heat down

8. One side is golden, turn it over and bake it again. Two sides are golden. Press the center of the cake with a shovel to recover. It’s ripe

Food tips

1. The dough should be as soft as possible. Warm water is better. The amount of water is just for reference. Adjust according to the situation of your own flour. If it is very sticky, use more hand flour when rolling

2. Because my green sauce is not salty, I add a little salt. The oil cake is too light and not delicious

3. You can use a little more oil to make pancakes. I usually use 1 tbsp more oil to make a 24 cm pancake. The skin is crisp and the heart is soft. It’s very delicious. If you don’t like the one with too much oil, you should pay attention to the lower temperature, so as to avoid the paste outside and the raw inside. When it’s cut, the outer layer of the crispy skin bursts open

4. The cake is big and soft, so it’s hard to hold it directly by hand, and it’s easy to deform. So slide the cover directly into the pot, or use a rolling pin to carry the middle of the cake into the pot.