How to make green tea dumplings

Material Science

Dumpling skin material: water milled glutinous rice flour 500g, green tea flour 30g, water 200g, butter 70g, coconut stuffing material: milk 500g, sugar 200g, Jishi powder 20g (no need to put), raw powder 50g, butter 50g, egg 1, coconut 250g


Coconut stuffing:

Add sugar to the milk and bring it to a boil over low heat; mix all the flour and butter with the eggs to make a batter; slowly pour the batter into the milk while stirring; finally, add shredded coconut and mix well (keep the low heat, pour slowly, otherwise it will easily form lumps)

Glutinous Rice Balls:

1. Mix the ingredients of the dumpling skin.

2. Put one third of the blended glutinous rice dough into boiling water and cook it thoroughly. Mix it into the previous dough while it is hot

3. After mixing well, add 50g sugar and knead well

4. The glutinous rice ball is divided into several small parts, rolled round and wrapped with coconut stuffing

5. Boil the dumplings until the water boils. Open the lid and cook until they float