How to make happy cartoon cream cake

Happy cartoon cream cake

Material Science:

How to make happy cartoon cream cake

A. 8 inch original Qifeng cake 1

How to make happy cartoon cream cake

B. A bottle of mixed canned fruit

C. 450 grams of whipped cream

D. Edible pigment

How to make happy cartoon cream cake

1. Cut the cake horizontally into two pieces from the middle, and clean the canned fruit with juice.

2. Put a piece of cake on the bottom of the cake, spread a thin layer of cream, then put a layer of fruit, spread a layer of cream on the fruit, and cover it with another piece of cake.

3. Then fill the top of the whole cake with cream as much as possible. While turning the turntable, use a spatula to start from the middle and push the cream back and forth in the left and right directions to cover the top of the whole cake.

4. When the top is flattened, a part of the cream is hung on the side, so the cream hung on the side is used to cover the cake embryo on the side. The spatula is set up and pushed back and forth to rotate the turntable. One side of the knife is attached to the cake body, so that when the turntable is rotated, the place across the edge of the spatula can be ensured to be neat. This is the first round. It doesn’t need to be very neat. The basic surface and sides are covered with even cream.

5. Then start trimming the side of the second round. The knife is perpendicular to the cake and is held vertically. The knife head is almost on the turntable, but it’s just next to it. If you press the turntable with special force, it won’t turn. One side of the knife is gently next to the cream on the side of the cake, and the other side is facing its own direction, with an angle of about 30 degrees. Turn the turntable with one hand, and stick the knife tightly on the side of the cake cream with the other hand. If it is not flat, stick it with a little force, and make the turning place flat by the contact area between the knife and cream.

6. Next is the top of the second round. The knife is held horizontally. One side of the knife is close to the cake surface, and the other side is tilted in its own direction. It is basically an angle of about 30 degrees. From the outside to the inside, it cuts across the surface of the cake and scrapes the flat top. If you are not satisfied with the third and fourth round, you can smooth the whole cake within four times.

7. Find the cartoon pattern in advance, and then use toothpick to outline the pattern on the surface of the cake. Pay attention to the proportion of the pattern to the whole cake, and try to leave a distance between the lace.

8. According to the pattern requirements, color the cream. According to the amount of each color, put part of the cream into a small bowl, add the food pigment, and stir evenly. The color of this cake is blue, ivory, black, brown and green.

9. The wool part of Xiyangyang’s head and body, with a toothed flower mouth, extrudes the revolving pattern like a cookie. The other part uses the general small caliber (about 0.3cm direct) round flower mouth on the line. The upper and lower lace and grass use a slightly larger toothed flower mouth.

Food tips

1. Similar to slightly complex decorative cake, it’s better to use vegetable fresh cream after whipping.

2. Put the mounting bag into the mounting mouth to extrude. You can also make your own mounting bag with non stick oil paper, cut the oil paper into a triangle, take the center point of the longest side as the bottom of the mounting bag, and roll the triangle oil paper into a conical barrel. The self-made disposable flower mounting bag is suitable for squeezing a small amount of cream.

3. Whipped cream, whether animal or plant, can be kept in good condition in a short time (within 1 hour), so we must speed up the pace of decoration, try to think about the theme, color and lace decoration in advance, and finish it in one go after whipping.