How to make happy pumpkin cake

With infinite enthusiasm for kitchen and cooking, I joined this post with a try mentality. Unexpectedly, on a busy working day, I received a phone call from Betty, and got the free trial right of HISHI non stick pot. It was a big surprise, and I am very grateful~

My love for kitchenware makes my kitchen full of pots and pans. I dream that one day I can buy my favorite Kitchenware and tableware at will, and decorate the kitchen in the sun with flowers and delicious food~

Weekend afternoon, the sun is particularly warm, mood with the arrival of cizzle non stick frying pan, become particularly pleasant~

Made this pumpkin Happy Cake, the sweet and waxy aroma of pumpkin and sesame are interwoven together, and the brilliant color makes the taste buds move greatly~

With a very small amount of oil, it’s easy to make this delicious pumpkin cake. It’s a big surprise that cizzle non stick frying pan has brought me. As long as you apply a thin layer of oil, you can have a delicious pumpkin cake. There’s nothing simpler. Cooking turns out to be a more relaxed thing~

Now I can understand the exaggeration that my mother couldn’t sleep because she wanted to buy a pot. I think every cook who loves cooking wants to get a delicate and practical pot.

Recommend this kind of pan to every friend, just like we used the non stick toaster of Sanneng, and the bread leaps out of the heart. That kind of joy is to share with you~

Material Science

Steamed pumpkin pieces 200g, glutinous rice flour 100g, flour 70g, white sesame in a small bowl, sugar 15g, olive oil 1 tbsp (15ml)


1. Peel the pumpkin, cut it into small pieces, put it into a steamer, steam it over high heat, take it out while it is hot, and grind it into mud.

2. When the pumpkin puree is slightly cool, add glutinous rice flour and soft sugar, mix well, add flour, knead well repeatedly, and the dough should not stick~

3 divide the kneaded dough into small pieces, round each piece, and then flatten it into a round cake shape. Coat both sides with white sesame seeds, and press tightly with your hands.

4. Pour olive oil into the frying pan and heat it over medium heat to 60%. Turn down the heat and add pumpkin cake. Fry until both sides are golden.


Fry the whole course over low heat, don’t put too much oil~