How to make Hawthorn yogurt Qifeng roll delicious

Hawthorn yoghurt Qifeng roll

Raw material a: egg yolk 3, walnut oil 30g, yogurt 150 g, low powder 80g

How to make Hawthorn yogurt Qifeng roll delicious

Raw material B: egg white 3 pieces, fine sugar 30g

How to make Hawthorn yogurt Qifeng roll delicious

Auxiliary material: Hawthorn sauce

Tools: electronic scale, steel basin, egg beater, rubber scraper, oil paper, Changdi oven ck-15b oven

The practice of Hawthorn yoghurt qifengjuan

1. Separate egg white and egg yolk, and knock them into two oil-free and water free basins respectively, and make sure all raw materials are ready for use;

2. Add yoghurt and walnut oil to egg yolk pot, then sift in low powder and mix evenly, that is, egg yolk paste;

3. Add fine sugar in egg white, beat with egg beater until hard foaming, that is, protein cream;

4. Scoop a lump of the batter with a rubber scraper, mix it in the yolk paste, then pour all the cream into the cream and mix evenly, that is, cake paste;

5. Pour the batter of the cake into the pan with the oil paper, and then gently knock the baking pan on the table, and shake out the big bubbles;

6. Put the pan in the middle of the oven which has been preheated, and bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees;

7. After taking out the baking tray, move the cake to the baking net for cooling, then turn it over with oil paper. Gently cut three knives (do not cut through) on one side of the cake, evenly spread Hawthorn sauce, roll up with oil paper, exit the oil paper while rolling, squeeze the two ends of the oil paper tightly after rolling, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 1 hour;

8. Take out the cake roll, open the oil paper, cut the piece;

This cake roll is made by seeing the cake made by your mother so beautiful and full of effort.

The recipe of cake is fine-tuning on the basis of the recipe of teasing mom, mainly reducing the amount of sugar. Because family members can not earn more sweet food, so in ordinary baking, we should pay attention to low oil and sugar, so health is the first priority.

But, my cake is not baked out of color, always is such a light yellow, had to roll the face inside. I always want to make a cake roll that rolls the face outside. So far, there is no success. It’s depressing.

The taste of this cake roll is still very good. The Hawthorn sauce I have been involved in is my own cooking, sour and sweet very delicious.

There are still unsuccessful places for cake roll, mainly cracks. There is a little outside inside. It needs to be done again, and it will be improved and improved gradually.