How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

Hokkaido Cupcakes

Cupcake material:

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

A: 80 g egg yolk, 60 g salad oil, 80 g fresh milk, 110 g low gluten flour, 3 G rum,

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

B: 160 G protein, 80 g Sugar, 2 g lemon juice

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

Custard cream:

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

30 g egg yolk, 30 g Sugar, 10 g low powder, 140 g fresh milk, 14 vanilla pods, 5 g salt free butter, 40 g animal natural light cream

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

The practice of custard fresh cream

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

1. Drop rum into the egg yolk, add fresh milk and salad oil, stir well, and then add the sifted low powder to make a uniform egg yolk batter

How to make Hokkaido Cupcake

2. Divide the protein into 3 times, add sugar and distribute it to 9 times to form a fine protein cream. Lift the egg beater without dropping, and have a small elastic hook

3. Take 13 protein cream into the egg yolk paste and mix it evenly with a scraper (don’t circle to avoid defoaming)

4. Pour back the remaining protein cream and mix evenly with the same method. The cake paste should be smooth and delicate

5. Carefully fill the batter into the square Qifeng paper cup with a spoon, about 8 points full is appropriate (too full is easy to crack and burst)

7. Preheat the oven at 180 ℃ for about 10 minutes, then change it to 160 ℃ for 15 minutes, cool it out of the oven for standby, and the cooling retraction is normal

Making fresh custard cream

1. Mix in the powdered sugar and egg yolks

2. Add fresh milk in several times and mix well to form a batter

3. Carefully cut the vanilla pods, remove the black vanilla seeds with the tip of a knife, and add the egg paste with the vanilla pods

4. Heat the egg and milk paste over low heat, and stir quickly with an egg beater while boiling to avoid caking or paste

5. Cook until the batter begins to thicken. First remove the heat and mix well to avoid caking or scorching at the bottom of the pan. Mix well and then cook until there are lines. Turn off the heat and remove the heat immediately

6. Melt the butter while it’s hot. Mix well to make smooth custard sauce. Stir in ice water or cold water until cool

7. Cool completely, put the plastic film on the back cover in the refrigerator for storage

8. Whisk the cream until smooth and smooth, about 7 minutes

9. Take out the custard sauce, stir it again with egg puff to make it creamy, then add whipped cream;

10. Stir into custard cream (i.e. vanilla cream). Make sure the cake is completely cooled. Put custard cream into the flower mounting bag

11. Insert the flower mouth into the inside of the cake (the surface of the cake will bulge slightly, too much will make the cake burst), and then sieve a little sugar powder on the surface for decoration

Food tips

1. It’s best to eat this cake fresh. If you eat it after refrigerated in the refrigerator, it should be warmed more than 1 hour before eating

2. The cupcake retraction is completely within the acceptable range, because the protein has not hit the hard foaming surface

3. Make sure the cupcake is completely cooled before squeezing into the custard to prevent the cream from melting