How to make hollow hemp balls delicious

Material: 100g hot water 60 g white sugar 40 g peeled white sesame
[hollow hemp circle] method:

How to make hollow hemp balls delicious

1. Hot water turns sugar into glutinous rice flour;

2. Knead into smooth glutinous rice dough;

3. Divide into 15 g of small agent, each rub round;

4. Put in white sesame and roll for a circle;

5. Then squeeze tightly with your hands and roll round;

6. When the oil is 30% hot, put the flax round agent, and heat it with a small fire. When the hemp circle floats, press the round with the back of the shovel. Once pressed, it will drum up a little, and then continue to press, and then drum again, so it will be about three times. If you press, the skin can’t be pressed again if it breaks. It’s possible to fry the round into gold. Take out and use kitchen paper to suck out the excess oil.

Food tips:

1. When you dip sesame, you must hold it tightly with your hand and rub it round again, otherwise sesame will easily fall off;

2. Oil should not be too hot to let round, otherwise easy to burst pulp, shape will not look good, oil three heat can be;

3. Must wait for the hemp circle to float up and press again, otherwise the pressure is early, and can no longer drum up. Can try one first, if the pressure, did not see the drum up, then it is not time;

4. The number of times of pressure can not be too much, first press twice to try, after groping and pressing, if the blow is still pressed, the outer skin will break, will not drum up again, but the shape is also destroyed.