How to make it delicious

I admit that the failure rate is more than half of the cake, less than ten times. Taste is not discounted, but the shape is always difficult to perfect. The first time I made the tea, I delayed the time to put it in the oven, and the cake didn't rise at all. The second time, the temperature of orange Qi wind was too high and the surface cracked. The third time, the original taste is quite delicate, only because of the use of the live bottom mold, the bottom can not be demoulded. The fourth time is still original Qi Feng, brush butter at the bottom of the mold, did not rise. Still groping, asking for advice and experimenting, this delicious but scattered cake serves as a memorandum before the birth of the perfect Qifeng.

In addition, thank you for sweeping all the failed products out of the ghosts every time.

Material Science

Eggs 5, low gluten flour 85 g, salad oil 40 g, fresh milk 40g, fine sugar 90g


1. prepare 5 eggs, 85 g low powder, 40 g salad oil, 40 g fresh milk, 60 g of fine sugar (for protein), 30g of fine sugar (for yolk).

2. the protein and yolk are separated and put in the vessel without oil.

3. sift the low gluten flour three times and reserve.

4. add 20 g of fine sugar to stir the protein at least when foaming.

5. stir until thick, add 20 g of fine sugar, and continue to beat until the striation occurs, add the remaining 20 g of fine sugar.

6. when dry foaming, put the protein in the refrigerator and refrigerate.

Add 30 g sugar powder to the egg yolk, add 40 g salad oil and 40 g fresh milk to stir evenly.

8. add flour, mix from top to bottom, then add 13 protein into yolk, continue to mix, mix evenly, pour all protein in and mix until mixed.

9. pour the batter into the 6-inch mold, wrap the bottom with tin paper, and then lift the mould on the table and shake the bubble twice. Preheat the oven and bake at 170 ℃ for 1 hour.