How to make Jiaxing fresh meat zongzi delicious

The shape of this zongzi is neat, waxy but not rotten, fat but not greasy, tender and delicious.

Material Science

Main ingredients: 1200 grams of glutinous rice, 1200 grams of fat and lean pork,

Seasoning: salt 10 grams, soy sauce 80 grams, MSG 4 grams, white sugar 6 grams, Baijiu 10 grams.


1. Put the glutinous rice in the basket, let it stand in the water for 15 minutes after washing, drain the water, then pour the rice into the wooden basin, add sugar, salt and a little red soy sauce in turn, and mix well.

2. Wash 400g of rice dumpling leaves, put them into the pot, add water to make them soft, take them up, drain them and set them aside.

3. wash pork, cut into thin slices and cut into thin pieces according to the transverse wire. Put them into the pot, add Baijiu, MSG, and the remaining red soy sauce, salt, and stir until the foaming occurs.

4. Take three leaves of rice dumplings, with their hair and face opposite. First put in 13 glutinous rice, add fat and lean meat, and then put in 23 glutinous rice to make a triangle dumpling. Tie it with wet Malan waist to make it a dumpling.

5. Put the dumplings into the pot, add water, cook for about 2 hours with high heat, and then simmer for about 3 hours with low heat.