How to make Jiaxing zongzi delicious

The shape is beautiful and unique, Ruo fragrant and moist, the meat is crisp and tender, fat and glutinous, delicious and not greasy.

Material Science

Ingredients: 1000g glutinous rice, 600g pork leg,

Seasoning: soy sauce 50 grams, white granulated sugar 27 grams, salt 25 grams, Baijiu 5 grams, MSG 1 grams


1. Select 7-10 cm wide rice dumpling leaves in the hot water pot, cook for 3-5 minutes, make them soft again, pick them up, wash them with clean water, and drain them;

2. Put the glutinous rice into the basket, clean it with clean water, let the basket stand for about 15 minutes, drain the water, pour the rice into the wooden basin, add 20g sugar, 15g salt and 50g soy sauce, mix well;

3. remove the skin of pork leg, cut into small pieces (each weight about 20 grams) according to the weight of the transverse fiber, and put them into large basins, add sugar 7 grams, salt 10 grams, monosodium glutamate and Baijiu, rub them repeatedly, use the material to penetrate into the meat until the froth is frothing.

4. Take two Zongye in the left hand, with the hairy side down and the width of 15. Take another Zongye in the right hand, with the smooth side up and about 13 overlaps. Lengthen the Zongye in the tail of the left Zongye, turn it at 25 places of the total length, and stack the two sides about 3cm to form a funnel;

5. Hold the rice dumpling leaves with your left hand, put 40 grams of glutinous rice into your right hand, and put 3 pieces of meat (two thin and one fat) horizontally on the rice according to the order of thin, fat and thin, then cover 60 grams of glutinous rice, and flatten them. Turn the growing rice dumpling leaves, cover the rice, and wrap them into a short, strong, rectangular pillow shape. Fold them with ropes until they are 80% tight. Wrap them one by one according to this method;

6. Put water in the pot to boil, and then put the dumplings into the pot. The water surface should be about 3-5cm higher than the dumplings. Put bamboo frame and stones on the dumplings and compact them. Cook them with high heat for 2 hours, and then cook them with low heat for 1 hour.