How to make Jilly’s haircake sandwich

Material Science

1 slice of pastry, proper bacon, right amount of fresh mushroom, 1 sweet potato, and right amount of scallion


1. when frying bacon in a pan, wash mushrooms.

2. after the bacon is oil, fry mushrooms and sweet potatoes in the same pot (if the oil is not too much, you can put a spoon of vegetable oil before frying the sweet potato. Finally, fry the onion.

3. when other raw materials are almost ripe, the pastry is cut into a triangle of appropriate size and then cut horizontally (about 1 cm thick each piece). Heat in a bread oven (or in a bacon pot).

4. all the ingredients are combined into sandwiches, and 1 is fine.


1. Bacon 2 sandwiches per sandwich; cut two half fresh mushrooms, 3 whole mushrooms per sandwich; sweet potato (cut 2 mm thick round slices, 2-3 pieces of each sandwich) 2. if it is frozen pastry, take it out for thawing 1-2 hours before making. Or thaw in a microwave oven (it can’t last long, or it will dry). If it’s ready-made pastry, it’s easy.