How to make jujube longan cake

Jujube longan cake

Materials: red dates… 1 handful

How to make jujube longan cake

Longan… 12

How to make jujube longan cake

Eggs… 3

How to make jujube longan cake

Brown sugar… 30g

How to make jujube longan cake

Sugar… 30g

Low powder… 120g

Baking soda… 3G

Vegetable oil… 60g

Boiled jujube water… 30g

Practice of jujube longan cake

1. Red dates and longan are soaked in warm water and washed.

2. Red jujube and longan are both seeded and chopped.

3. Diced jujube and longan, put into a small pot, add water to boil until soft. Take out the control of dry water, boiling jujube longan water do not pour, the following will be used.

4. Beat the eggs with all the sugar. First high speed and then low speed until the volume expands, lift the beater, the egg will drip, and then pile up for a few seconds, and then slowly restore the state.

5. Pour in the water and oil to boil the dates, and stir from the bottom up. Sift in the mixture of low powder and small Su powder three or four times, and turn it up from the bottom of the basin gently and quickly.

6. Finally, add red jujube and longan, stir well, pour into the mold, 170 degrees, 25-30 minutes.