How to make KT cat vanilla Mousse

KT cat vanilla Mousse

Chiffon Cake

How to make KT cat vanilla Mousse

Oven: couss-3501 variable temperature oven

How to make KT cat vanilla Mousse

Mold: 28 * 28 sunny baking plate

How to make KT cat vanilla Mousse

Material Science:

3 egg yolks, 20 grams of sugar, 42 grams of corn oil, 42 grams of milk, 54 grams of low flour

3 protein, 30g sugar, a few drops of lemon juice

How to make Qifeng cake

1. Beat the yolk with sugar.

2. Add corn oil and milk and beat well.

3. Sift in low flour and mix well.

4. Beat the protein with a few drops of lemon juice until it foams. Add sugar and beat until it foams.

5,13 protein mixed with egg yolk paste, and then all mixed evenly.

6. Pour the batter into the baking pan and shake out bubbles.

7. Preheat the oven, heat up and down, middle and upper layers, 170 ℃ for 20 minutes.

8. Cool and cut into rectangle.

Vanilla Mousse

Ingredients: 150g milk, 20g fine sugar, 13 vanilla pods, 3 gilding tablets (15g), 2 egg yolks, 200g homemade yogurt, 200g animal light cream, 20g fine sugar

How to make vanilla Mousse

1. Vanilla pods, milk with sugar, heat in water, turn off the heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

2. Add the gelatine tablets soaked in ice water in advance, heat over low heat and stir until melted.

3. Remove from the heat, add egg yolk, mix well, heat until thick, and sieve once.

4. Beat the cream with sugar for 6 times. Beat the cream with yogurt.

5. Add light cream into the egg yolk paste and mix well.

6, take 2 scoops of the orchid essence and mix it on the bow and nose.

7. Pour in the rest of the mousse, cover with Qifeng cake slices, freeze and solidify (as long as the surrounding is frozen hard, you can demould).

8. After demoulding, squeeze chocolate sauce on your eyes.