How to make kunguo steamed bun delicious

2 Kun pot buns with diameter of 13cm and 7cm thick

Raw materials: Flour 500g, water 250g, yeast 4G, alkali 2G, pepper and salt, edible oil

How to make kunguo steamed bun delicious

[Kun pot steamed bun] method:

1. flour, yeast, water and smooth dough fermentation;

2. the dough with good fermentation for the first time is honeycomb;

3. sprinkle alkali, knead it into dough, divide dough into 8 parts;

4. take a “open and sprinkle pepper salt”;

5. cut into a strip and roll it up and press it into a round cake shape;

6. the four dough overlapped into a Kun pot;

7. oil the mold and put it into dough for 20 minutes;

8. put the fermented dough into the oven for 190 degrees, brush it once in 20 minutes, and bake the dough in golden color for 40-50 minutes;