How to make leek egg pie

Ingredients: flour, leek, egg

Ingredients: salt, quinoline, sesame oil

How to make leek egg pie

[leek egg pie] production process:

How to make leek egg pie

1. Flour mixing: add 300g flour and 150g warm water to the bread maker to knead the flour.

2. Put the cover on the back cover and let it stand for half an hour.

3. Add salt to the eggs and stir well.

4. Then pour the egg into the pot, stir with chopsticks until the fire is off, and then use a shovel hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ The results showed that: 1

5. Wash leeks and control water.

6. Chop leeks, then pour in eggs, add salt and a little sesame oil, stir well in one direction.

7. Knead the dough, cut into sections, roll the skin, wrap in the stuffing, and press it slightly.

8. Then put the cake into the electric pan.