How to make leek pancakes

Ingredients: 300g flour, 150g leek, 2 eggs, appropriate amount of water, 5ml five spice powder, 2.5ml salt.


How to make leek pancakes

1. Prepare materials.

How to make leek pancakes

2. Wash the leeks and cut them into small pieces.

How to make leek pancakes

3. Add water to the flour, and stir while adding (add as appropriate, a little thicker paste, because you will need to add eggs later).

How to make leek pancakes

4. Stir to make a paste, add salt and five spice powder.

How to make leek pancakes

5. Add 2 eggs to the batter.

How to make leek pancakes

6. Continue to stir in one direction.

7. Add chopped leeks to the batter.

8. Stir well, the consistency of leek batter can flow independently.

9. Preheat the pancake pan, take a spoonful of leek batter and pour it on the side of the pan.

10. Scrape the leek batter vertically with a scraper (scrape in one direction, do not scrape back and forth repeatedly), and scrape out a pancake.

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12. Finally, air the pancakes. If you don’t want to eat them, buckle them in a big basin to avoid air drying.


1. very thick Kwai pancakes, with a cup of milk or a bowl of millet congee, a quick and delicious breakfast. You can also make dinner with spicy vinegar and garlic water.

2. To make pancakes, you must use a non stick pan. If it is a common pan, you should first use oil to moisten the pan. The consistency of pancake batter needs to be mastered slowly. If it is too thick, the pancake is too thin and difficult to form. It’s better to flow autonomously and be a little sticky.

3. The pancake pan must be preheated in advance. Take a little batter with a spoon and draw it on the pancake pan. If it solidifies all at once, it means it is too hot. Turn down the fire. It’s best to keep the batter on the pan for 2 seconds before it starts to set.

4. When scraping, use the scraper to scrape the batter vertically, clockwise along the side of the pancake pan, not back and forth.