How to make leek pie

Pasta: flour, yeast powder, clear water (the ratio of flour to yeast is 1, that is, 100g flour is put into 1g yeast; the ratio of flour to water is 50, that is, 50g of water is put into 100g flour, and the water can be adjusted according to the needs. The pie needs soft and some water according to the flour quantity)

Stuffing: leek, egg, shrimp skin (ear, fans, spinach, etc. can be added according to taste, but leek should be the main, leek quantity shall not be less than 12 of the total filling); salt, sugar, sesame oil

How to make leek pie

The process of making leek Pie:

1. Put yeast powder into the water under the temperature state, stir evenly;

2. Pour yeast water into flour, mix with chopsticks to form snowflake;

3. Then knead into a smooth and uniform dough, cover with wet cloth, and then let it go for 30 minutes;

4. When dough is sent, prepare filling materials: egg is scattered, hot pot is fried into pieces, and more oil can be put, peanut oil is preferred, stir while stir, and put it in cold standby;

5. Wash leeks in advance to dry water, cut into pieces;

6. Put leek and egg shreds together with the oil of fried eggs in a large bowl, and add other ingredients, such as shrimp skin, fungus, fans, etc., and mix well;

7. Add a little sugar, chicken essence (not used) and fragrant oil, mix well;

8. Add appropriate salt before filling, mix well;

9. The dough is made into thick strips, and the size of the dough is similar to that of the bun;

10. Take a dosage form and roll it into a thin skin around the middle thickness, not too thin;

11. Pack in appropriate filling, like wrapping the package, pinch tight closure;

12. Close the mouth down and press to make a cake;

13. Heat the pan, add some edible oil, and then put the cake embryo;

14. Fry one side of golden yellow, turn over, until both sides are golden, OK.