How to make Li Rong pound cake

Chestnut pound cake

Chestnut: 1.5kg chestnut kernel, 50g butter

How to make Li Rong pound cake

Drench noodles: white chocolate 43g, two ripe chestnuts broken

How to make Li Rong pound cake

Cake paste: 180g chestnut paste, 125g butter, 100g sugar, 2 eggs, 50g low flour, 14 teaspoons baking powder, 10 cooked chestnuts

How to make Li Rong pound cake

How to make chestnut cake

How to make Li Rong pound cake

1. Peel off the shell of chestnuts and cook them with water. Peel off the outer layer to get 1.5 Jin chestnuts

How to make Li Rong pound cake

2. Stew the chestnuts in a slow stew until they can be mashed with chopsticks (pressure cooker is OK), add 50g butter and mix well. I stewed in a slow stew for several hours with little water, so I don’t need to fry. If I use a pressure cooker, I’d better filter the water and add butter, mainly for aroma. So a small amount of chestnuts is OK, but not much. Chestnuts are sweet, so no sugar is needed

How to make Li Rong pound cake

3. Sift the chestnut mud for standby (this step takes a lot of time ~ I sifted for several hours)

4. Butter softens at room temperature with 125g

5. Add 100g sugar

6. Add two eggs in batches and stir well

7. Sift in 50g low flour and 14 tsp Baking powder and mix well

8. Add 180g of prepared chestnut

9. Mix well (I made it rough in this step ~ there are still some chestnuts left in the finished product)

10. Add 10 chestnuts and mix well

11. Pour it into the mold until 8-9 points (7-8 points is enough! I don’t have a container. I can only put it in

12. Put into the middle layer of the oven preheated at 175 ℃, bake the small cake for 15 minutes, then take out the large cake for 20 minutes, and then turn to 150 ℃ for 25 minutes

13. Demould and cool for standby

14. White chocolate 43g water proof melting

15. Sprinkle on the surface of the cake and sprinkle with chopped chestnuts