How to make Lily cake delicious

Lily cake

Materials: 125g glutinous rice flour, 125g glutinous rice flour, 75g sugar flour, 1 fresh lily, 75g water

How to make Lily cake delicious

Practice of Lily cake

How to make Lily cake delicious

1. Photo 1. Clean the fresh lily and break it off.

How to make Lily cake delicious

Fig. 2. Boil Lily in a pot of hot water over low heat for 5 minutes.

How to make Lily cake delicious

3. Take out the cooked lily.

How to make Lily cake delicious

Fig. 4. Cool with a bowl of cold water.

Fig. 5. After the lily is cooled, take out the water and drain it.

2. Weigh the glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and sugar flour, put them into a basin and mix well, then pour in water.

3. Immediately knead the powder and water with both hands after pouring the water.

4. After mixing well, sift the powder into another bowl with a sieve. This step will take a long time, because the powder mixed with water is rough. When sifting, just use a spoon to rotate in the sieve continuously. The steamed Lily cake is very delicate.

5. Put the sifted cake powder into the lily of the drained water, and mix it evenly with your hands.

6. To prepare the steamer, I put the rice dumpling leaves on the bottom, put the mixed cake powder into the cage, and then use a spoon to press and compact the cake powder slightly after putting it in the cage. It doesn’t need to be pressed very hard. Boil water over high heat and steam for 20 minutes.

7. Take out the lily cake from the pot after steaming. After it is slightly cool, you can cut it out with mold or direct cutting method. It is suggested that it will taste better if you eat it hot.