How to make lollipop cake

cake pops

Material: cake body: sponge cake 100g, cream cheese 25 G.

How to make lollipop cake

Cake decoration: 5 lollipops, 30 g white chocolate, 40 g red chocolate, 30g brown chocolate, 30g blue chocolate, 30g yellow chocolate, and appropriate amount of colored sugar flower.

How to make lollipop cake

Lollipop cake practice

1. prepare and weigh various materials. Rub the sponge cake at room temperature into pieces and put it in a clean large container. Cream cheese softens at room temperature and gently presses with one finger, and a light print will appear on the surface immediately to indicate that it is ready to use. Stir cream cheese and crumbs of cake with a spoon and knead it into a ball by hand.

2. the cake Group is divided into five parts, and one of them is used to make cake representing the Baba father’s family children. Squeeze the cake into a firm position, and press with a few fingers to make it heart-shaped. Especially the bottom of the heart is very sharp, so it is more pressing firmly, and the cake can not be broken.

3. take three small cake balls, and squeeze them into two identical heart shapes (representing the cake body of the other two children), one big and one small ball (representing the cake body of Baba father). In the last (on behalf of Baba mother’s cake), take a little dough first, knead into a ball with diameter of about 2.5cm and 0.5cm, and the rest into a big and small ball. Put it in the freezer’s fresh room for 30 minutes.

4. the white chocolate melts into liquid state after water separation, and then adds a small amount of red chocolate to turn pink. Dip a little chocolate on one end of the lollipop stick and put it on the cake ball.

5. hold one end of the lollipop stick, soak the cake in chocolate paste, and evenly wrap a layer of pink chocolate skin. After the chocolate is completely solidified, dip a little white chocolate with toothpick to draw Baba’s eyes on the cake. Melt a small amount of brown chocolate and draw eyebrows, nose, black eyes and mouth with toothpicks. Baba’s father’s production is complete.

6. take out the three spheres making Baba mother, stick them together with white chocolate, and Baba’s body shape will come out. Stick a little white chocolate and stick it on the cake.

7. heat brown chocolate until melted. Soak the cake in it and wrap a layer of chocolate coat evenly. Dip the toothpick with melted white chocolate to draw Baba’s eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Paint a week of white chocolate on top bun and paste all kinds of sugar flowers as headwear.

8. melt red, yellow and blue chocolate in three different small bowls, and put the cake into the chocolate paste evenly.

9. after the chocolate coat is completely solidified, dip the melted chocolate with toothpick, and draw eyebrows, nose, eyes and mouth gently. Three lovely Baba family babies are living in front of you.

Food tips

1. during the Thanksgiving season of mother’s day and father’s day, I sincerely offer a gift to my parents and parents with cartoon “Papa Baba” as the background and wish parents a happy life lollipop cake. I would like to say to my parents, just as you accompanied me to see “Baba dad”, I hope that our family will be happy and happy every year and every day. Dad is as romantic and interesting as Baba father to his mother. Mom is as smart as Baba mother, leading our family to live a beautiful little day!

2. repeat the production method of basic lollipop cake: choose your favorite cake to knead it into pieces. Sponge cake, Qifeng cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake can be mixed together with cream cream, cheese or butter softened at room temperature to make the cake crumbs stick together. Then take a small amount of the part to form a small ball, and string it with a lollipop stick or similar sign. Finally wrap in melted chocolate paste, and sprinkle some colored sugar flowers according to your heart.

3. after learning the basic production of lollipop cake, you can play your imagination and enjoy wandering in the dream world. As long as you like cartoon animation, attractive food, gorgeous scenery can play their own imagination, to create.