How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

Main materials: 125 g of common flour, 90g syrup, 280 g lotus filling and 12 salted egg yolks

Auxiliary materials: 2 g Jian (alkali) water, 30g vegetable oil and 10 g egg liquid

How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

The production process of lotus egg yolk mooncake:

How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

1. Weigh the conversion syrup, alkali water and vegetable oil, pour it into a pot and mix evenly;

How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

2. Weigh the flour and add it to the syrup, knead it into a dough, and then seal it for 1-2 hours;

How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

3. Lotus filling is divided into 12 parts, then rubbed into a circle for standby;

How to make lotus egg yolk moon cake

4. Take a lotus filling and wrap a salted egg yellow, and try to pack well;

5. The dough that wakes up is equally divided into 12 parts;

6. Then take a slice of cake skin and press flat, and then wrap it with lotus egg yolk filling;

7. Sprinkle a little dry powder into the mooncake mold, turn the mold to make the inner wall of the mould covered with flour, then pour out the surplus flour, put the wrapped mooncake dough in, and press down gently into the raw billet of the moon cake;

8. Press the gap between the intermediate points of the moon cake green, and put it on the baking plate;

9. Preheat the oven for 200 degrees, spray a little water on the surface of the mooncake billet, then put it into the middle layer of the oven, and then put it on and off for 200 ℃, and then take out the surface of the egg brush solution after 5 minutes;

10. Then put it in the oven 180 and continue to bake for 15 minutes. Look at the surface of golden.

Food tips:

1. I did not buy Jian water, and I used the basic noodles used in my home in proportion to the ratio of basic noodles and water 1:3;

2, if you use raw yolk, you can spray a little Baijiu, and bake oven for 100 minutes for 15 minutes.

3. After the syrup is added with alkali water and oil, it should be stirred evenly, and the stirring state is like emulsified oil, which is light yellow;

4. Although the freshly baked mooncake tastes good, it is better to wait for the moon cake to return to oil after 2 or 3, so that the appearance color or taste is better.