How to make lotus roll delicious

Material Science

Ingredients: 100g spontaneous flour, 50g soybean powder, 15g red fruit, 5g sesame powder.

Seasoning: brown sugar, red jujube diced appropriate amount.


1. Mix the spontaneous flour and soybean powder, add appropriate amount of water and form dough for fermentation.

2. Wash the red fruit, remove the core, steam it up, mash it into mud, add brown sugar, sesame powder and a little flour, and stir well to make the filling.

3. Knead the fermented dough well, roll it into pieces, spread the stuffing evenly, roll it up from one side, cut it into small sections with a knife, and form a group of three sections, with the section facing up, clamp it in the middle with chopsticks, and then pinch the two ends of the clamped section with hands to form petals. Take out the chopsticks, decorate the middle of the dough with red jujube (or Jinggao) dice, and finally steam the lotus roll in the drawer for 30 minutes.