How to make lotus seed rice dumplings delicious

This zongzi is soft and vigorous, sweet and delicious, and rich in nutrition.

Material Science

Main materials: 1000 g glutinous rice, 25g lotus seeds,

Accessories: 12g citrus, 15g sunflower kernel, 15g raisins, 10 g plum, 20 g cucumber, 25g walnut,

Seasoning: 30g red and green silk, 50g wheat flour, 250g white sugar, 50g lard


1. roll the sugar into pieces; cut the lotus seeds, various fruit materials and walnut nuts into pieces; add 25 grams of flour and add less water to batter, then add lard and another 25 g flour to mix well, then mix the raw materials and knead them well, pat them flat with the back of the knife, and cut them into squares, which will be the eight treasures filling of lotus seeds.

2. wash the glutinous rice, soak it in cold water for 2 hours, and dry Malan with cold water.

3. clean 300g of Zong leaf, put it in a pot, add water to boil and then cook and remove, drain and reserve.

4. take 3 rice dumplings leaves, and then put the surface of the rice in the opposite direction. First, add 13 glutinous rice, add eight treasures filling, and then put 23 glutinous rice into triangular dumplings. Tie them together with the wet lotus grass to block the waist, that is, zongzi.

5. Put the dumplings into the pot, add water, cook for about 2 hours with high heat, and then simmer for about 3 hours with low heat.

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