How to make love Matcha cake roll

Love tea cake roll

Cake roll cube from summer to summer ~ the steps follow the wind completely, and the material is changed

How to make love Matcha cake roll

Preparation of materials

How to make love Matcha cake roll

A cake roll embryo: 40g butter, 50g milk, 60g low gluten flour, 1 whole egg, 3 yolks, 3 protein, 50g fine sugar

How to make love Matcha cake roll

The practice of loving tea cake roll

How to make love Matcha cake roll

1. 1 full egg and 3 yolks for spare

How to make love Matcha cake roll

2. Put butter and 10g milk in a small pot. Boil over a small heat, remove from the fire

How to make love Matcha cake roll

3. Pour in the sifted low powder, stir the batter evenly with a wood scraper, stir until the particles are cream-free, form a piece, and then heat it in a small fire for about 30 seconds

4. After the paste changes from thick and thick to shiny, light and fire can be achieved as long as a film is present at the bottom;

5. Pour the batter into a large bowl, add the scattered yolk solution three times. Mix and stir evenly with a scraper until it is not agglomerated

6. Heat the remaining 40g milk to about 60 degrees over a small heat, pour into 5 and mix well for standby

7. Add fine sugar to the protein in several times and send it to lift the egg beater with a small hook

8. Pour egg yolk paste into protein at once, and then stir with scraper until smooth and delicate

9. Pour into the baking tray which is paved in advance, smooth the surface with a scraper, tap the pan up and down gently, and shake out the bubble

10. Preheat the oven 180 degrees, 16-18 minutes, adjust according to the oven

B. cream: 200g salt free butter, 100g sugar, 12 tbsp vanilla essence, 1 tbsp rum, 12 tbsp salad oil, 1.5 tsp of tea powder

1. After the butter is softened, stir it with an electric stirrer to make it smooth and soft

2. Add sugar in three times, stir until fully melted, then add vanilla rum and stir well

3. Add a proper amount of salad oil, and continue to stir with electric stirrer to make smooth cream

4. Add the sifted tea powder, mix evenly until fully blended~

C combination: fruit selection ~ I choose mulberry

1. Roll the cake and smooth. Apply the cream with thick cream on the left and right, and apply a slight cream in the middle

2. Spread the fruit grains in proper amount. Keep the fruit dry and keep it dry without water. It will be better to roll up

3. The cake roll is selected to roll up in the middle first, and then press the shape slightly. Then roll the other side to the middle roll. The side looks like a love shape

4. Heat the cake knife a little, then slice the cake. Squeeze a little cream on the top of the cake, and then put the sugar over and finish