How to make love pumpkin cake

It is small and lovely in shape, suitable for his favorite as a snack. It is soft and not greasy outside the taste~~

Material Science

Pumpkin 250g, glutinous rice flour, flour, sugar 750g, bread bran, Jishi powder


The old pumpkin is steamed and mashed in a little cold. (a little cool is to prevent more moisture from hot gas, and it will be easy to eat powder)

Add glutinous rice flour and flour, Jishi powder, sugar. The ratio of glutinous rice flour to flour is 3:1. The cake made in this way is softer than Q. If you like to eat harder, you can change the proportion to 2:1-1.5. The specific amount of powder here I have never known, as long as the whole dough knead to the non stick hand OK.

Take a small dough and put it in a pan containing bread bran. Wrap it all over the bran. Then, use the heart mold to form a heart-shaped dough and place it in another pan with a little bread bran.

Put oil in the pan, fry to golden on both sides with medium and small heat. Use chopsticks to turn over. Until pumpkin cake floats, it can be out of the pan.


My pumpkin pie can be kept at room temperature for a whole day without hardening. And the fried cake has a low oil content, almost no oil. (^__ ^(laughter, this is not boastful. If you don’t believe it, you will try to do it too.)~~