How to make Mala cake

Kashda powder is the material for making cream filling such as Klim. The addition of the cream can make the Mara cake more delicate and can be sold in supermarkets or food materials stores.

Three flower milk water is evaporated milk water, which is made by evaporation of about 60 fresh milk water, which can be bought in general supermarkets.

Material Science

Low gluten flour 110 g, baking powder 34 tbsp, kashda powder 10 g, fine sugar 110 g, egg 150 g, triple milk 30 g, salad oil 45 g, baking soda 12 tablespoons, water 2 tablespoons


1.) mix the flour, baking powder and kasda powder of material 1, and mix well with fine sugar.

2) add egg into method (1) mix well with egg beater, then add milk water and stir until sugar particles are dissolved evenly.

3) continue to add salad oil to the material of method (2) and mix well.

4) mix baking soda with water before adding the above surface and the mixture carefully with a rubber scraper. Pour it into the model and stand for 20 minutes for standby.

5) after the hot water is burned, put the model in the steamer, steam it in a large fire for about 20 minutes until the Mara cake is fully cooked.

6) after the model is taken out, cool and then demould, and cut the block to be edible.