How to make maltose syrup cake

Practice of maltose syrup cake

The first step is to slightly adjust the consumption of 6-inch raw materials for sponge cake

How to make maltose syrup cake

Ingredients: whole egg 150g, sugar 90g, maltose syrup or corn syrup 6G (5ml can be replaced by honey), low gluten flour 100g, butter 26G, milk 40g.

How to make maltose syrup cake

Production process:

How to make maltose syrup cake

Preparation: syrup cover plastic film soften in hot water, milk butter fusion in hot water, keep above 40 degrees, low powder screening. The mold can be paved with oil paper or not.

How to make maltose syrup cake

1. Put the whole egg in a bowl and add all the sugar. Stir slowly in hot water until about 40 degrees, away from the hot water.

How to make maltose syrup cake

2. Add the syrup and stir until even.

How to make maltose syrup cake

3. High speed egg beater, 4-5 minutes later pick up the dripping egg paste, can write clear words.

4. Then slow down for 2-3 minutes, keep the egg beater still, rotate the bowl, and eat all the big bubbles, making the egg paste more delicate.

5. Sift in the low gluten flour at one time and stir for 30-40 rounds until even.

6. Pour in the mixture of milk and butter on the scraper and mix for dozens of rounds until even.

7. Pour into the prepared mold, and drop the mold 10 cm from the table twice to remove the big bubbles. Bake at 160 ℃ for 35-45 minutes.

8. After being discharged from the furnace, the height of 15cm should be lowered once, and the grid frame should be turned upside down for 5-6 minutes, and then turned over for cooling.

9. After cooling, demould.

Step 2 cream

Ingredients: 200g butter, 70g protein, 60g sugar powder, 1 tablespoon flavoring wine (rum, etc.)

Production process:

1. Add sugar powder into the protein 5-6 times to form a stable protein cream. Then put the basin in 80 degree hot water and continue to beat to make the cream thick.

2. Add the beaten protein cream into the butter (after whipping) in about 10 times, stir well after each addition, and then add the next part of the protein cream.

3. Add seasoning wine and stir.

The third step is to decorate the cake

Prepare all the available fruits and candies, and pay attention to the color matching when choosing. There are also available biscuits, almonds and so on.

The production process is shown in the figure