How to make Mango Cheese Cake

The practice of Mango Cheese Cake

Material: 6 “round bottom mold (square of round pig)

How to make Mango Cheese Cake

Bottom: 90 g of digested biscuit (I used Oreo biscuit because it was specially required)

How to make Mango Cheese Cake

Butter 35 g

How to make Mango Cheese Cake

Practice of cake bottom:

1. the biscuit is good;

2. put in the fresh-keeping bag, crush the biscuit with a noodle stick and press it to powder;

3. pour in the melted butter, stir and mix well;

4. pour into the mold, press the biscuit to pieces with a spoon, and put it in the refrigerator for freezing;

Cake material:

A. Mango meat 200g

B. Cream cheese 200g, fine sugar 50g

C. 100 g of animal milk oil

D. 4 teaspoons of fish gum powder 3 tablespoons of cold water bubble soft

Top decorative mirror glue: 1 teaspoon of fish powder, 3 tablespoons orange juice

1. add the fish gum powder and soak it soft with cold water. Peel mango and take meat, and put it into the blender to beat the fruit mud;

2. cut cream cheese into small pieces, add sugar, heat and soften it by water, stir it into a non granular liquid by hand mixer, which is a little like melted ice cream;

3. add mango mud, stir evenly and cool;

4. the fish gum powder melts in hot water, and the method 3. stir evenly;

5. the fresh animal milk oil is beaten to 6 by electric stirrer, and the volume is doubled and flows slightly;

6. practice 5. pour into cheese paste, stir evenly;

7. pour into the mold placed on the biscuit bottom, shake it gently to make the cheese paste flat, cover with the fresh-keeping film and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours;

Take out after 8.4 hours, put the fruit on it for decoration;

9. add the gelatinous powder and orange juice to make it soft, melt into liquid after hot water, and pour it into practice 8. when it is slightly warm and cool;

10. put it in the refrigerator again, refrigerate for 1 hour, blow it at the edge with a blower for 30 seconds, and demould.