How to make Mango Cheese

Homemade cheese:

Homemade thick yogurt, screen, two pieces of kitchen paper (or gauze)

How to make Mango Cheese

1. 500 grams of homemade yogurt (175 grams of cream cheese)

How to make Mango Cheese

2. Put the gauze or kitchen paper on the screen and pour in the yoghurt

How to make Mango Cheese

3. Put a layer of kitchen paper or bowl cover on it and refrigerate it for 10 hours (I filtered it the night before, but I came back the next night and it was almost filtered)

How to make Mango Cheese

4. In order to filter more dry, add noon to the cheese and continue to filter for a few hours.. )

How to make Mango Cheese

5. The finished product is very delicate, no particles, no rewarming, 500 grams of filter out 175 grams of cheese, basic one can use up. If you filter more, you can consider cryopreservation. I don’t have enough. I can’t use it up

How to make Mango Cheese

This one has less calories than real cheese, and it’s a lot less guilt to cook

But it certainly can’t completely replace the taste of cheese.

Frozen Mango Cheese

(a 18 * 9 * 4cm mold plus a mousse cup, or a 6-inch round mold) – Jun Zhi

Ingredients: digestive biscuit base: Oreo half pack, 40g butter

Cake Ingredients: 175 grams of homemade cheese (or 175 grams of purchased cream cheese), 65 grams of milk, 50 grams of fine sugar, 200 grams of fresh mango (weighed after peeling), 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (15ml), 150 grams of animal fresh cream, 10 grams of fish glue powder

Production process:

1. Prepare the Oreo base first. The Oreo biscuits are packed in fresh-keeping bags and crushed into powder with a rolling pin, or directly put into the grinding cup of the food processing machine

2. Heat butter in water to melt into liquid, pour into biscuit crumbs, mix well with spoon

3. Spread the biscuit batter evenly on the bottom of the mousse and flatten it with a rolling pin. Refrigerate until set.

4. Pour the fish glue powder into the bowl, add the milk, and let it stand for a while to make the fish glue powder fully absorb the water.

5. Put cream cheese, sugar, peeled mango pulp and lemon juice into the conditioning cup of the food processor

6. Stir with a food processor for a moment to make all the ingredients mix evenly to form a thick and delicate paste. (if there is no food processor, heat the cream cheese to soften, add sugar and beat it with electric egg beater until smooth, then add mango pulp in several times and beat until even

7. Pour the mixed Mango Cheese paste from the conditioning cup into a large bowl. At this time, after the fish glue powder fully absorbs the milk moisture, it will expand into a sponge state as shown in the figure.

8. The fish glue powder is heated in water and continuously stirred to make it melt into liquid. Pour the liquid fish glue powder into the Mango Cheese paste. Mix well.

9. Put the Mango Cheese paste in the refrigerator.

10. Pour the animal cream into a bowl and beat it with an egg beater to keep the lines.

11. Mix the whipped cream and Mango Cheese paste. Stir from bottom to top.

12. Pour the batter into the mould with the bottom of the biscuit. Pour half of the batter into the mould and put your favorite fruit on it. Then pour in the remaining half

14. Smooth the surface of the batter and refrigerate for more than 4 hours.

15. When demoulding, use a hot towel to cover the outside of the mold for a while, or use an electric hair dryer to blow for a while to demould smoothly.

Here are some tips of mousse we learned from you

1. The most important step in cake making is to mix the whipped cream with Mango Cheese paste. It is necessary to make them reach a similar consistency, so that they can be perfectly mixed together, otherwise the mixed batter may be too thin or smaller. After adding the fish glue powder solution to the Mango Cheese paste, refrigerate for a while until the consistency is similar to the whipped cream, and then proceed to the next step.

2. Using food processor to make Mango Cheese paste is not only easy and fast, but also because it does not need to heat cream cheese first, the Mango Cheese paste usually has enough consistency without refrigeration. Instead of using the food processor, because the cream cheese needs to be heated and softened, the prepared cheese paste will be thinner and need to be refrigerated for a long time to achieve the required consistency.

3. Try to use ripe mango to make this cake, mango taste will be more sweet.

4. Children’s shoes for appearance can be decorated with a layer of mango sauce and mirror pectin on the top of the cake.