How to make Mango Cream Cake

Mango Cream Cake

Ingredients: (cake embryo) 5 egg yolks, 15g sugar, 50g milk, 50g corn oil, 95g low flour, 5 protein, 70g sugar

How to make Mango Cream Cake

Materials for mounting: 300g light cream, 50g sugar, 2 big mangoes, blackcurrant and some fresh mint leaves.

How to make Mango Cream Cake

How to make Mango Cream Cake

How to make Mango Cream Cake

1. Prepare the eggs, separate the yolk and protein in different containers, the protein must be oil-free and water-free.

How to make Mango Cream Cake

2. Mix egg yolk with 10 grams of sugar, milk and corn oil. Sift in low flour and baking powder. Stir slightly.

3. Beat the protein until it is thick, add 20g sugar, stir quickly, and add the remaining 50g sugar twice in the middle until the protein is dry and foamy.

4. Take one third of the protein cream into the egg yolk paste, stir well, then take one third of the protein cream in the same way to mix, and finally pour it back into the protein cream, cut and mix well.

5. 8 inch round baking plate, pour the cake paste and shake a few times to make big bubbles.

6. The middle and lower layer of 155 is baked for 55 minutes.

8. Turn it upside down when it comes out of the oven, and demould it after cooling for about an hour.

Mango flowers are made as follows:

Wash the mango, peel and cut off one side without core.

Cut the mango meat into thin pieces as shown in the picture above, and then circle them into rose shape.

Food tips

1. Low gluten flour must be screened twice in advance, because the weather is humid in the south, the flour is easy to agglomerate, otherwise the cake will not be delicate enough.

2. Make egg yolk paste first. If you make egg yolk paste after using protein cream, the protein cream may defoaming in the middle of time.

3. The protein should be whipped immediately with sugar. It’s easy to whipped at once.

4. The first part of protein cream and egg yolk paste must be thoroughly stirred evenly, do not worry about defoaming.

5. Preheat the oven half a time after making the cake paste. Mix the cake paste well and put it into the oven.

6. The sugar content of cream can be increased or decreased according to personal preference.