How to make mashed potato cake delicious

Material Science

2 cups of flour, 1 / 2 cup of corn flour, 2 potatoes, 1 spoon of sugar, yeast powder and milk powder


1. cook the potato in a pot, peel it after a little cool, cut the chips into the fresh-keeping bag, and use the rolling stick to make the mash

2. the yeast powder is boiled with warm water. Flour, corn flour, milk powder, sugar and mash are all put into the basin. Stir them well with chopsticks, add the yeast powder, stir them with chopsticks and warm the water until the mixture becomes a large snowflake

3. knead dough by hand to form rough embryo, cover with wet gauze or cover top basin (prevent dough from drying) and wake up

4.15 minutes, knead the dough again, which makes the dough smoother, rounder and more resilient

5. put the steaming curtain on the steamer, and there is no corn leaf available (I use corn leaf), put the dough in the steamer and pat it flat, or make it into the desired shape

6. put steamer in pan, continue to wake up for 20 minutes

7. heat water in the pan, and put it into steamer after opening. Steam 15-25 minutes to get out of the pot depending on the heat