How to make Matcha cake roll

Matcha cake roll

Ingredients: 30g salt free butter (president), 39G low gluten flour, 5g Matcha powder, 39G milk, 3 eggs, 45g sugar, 0.5g salt

How to make Matcha cake roll

Filling: 200g light cream, 18G sugar

How to make Matcha cake roll

Oven: heat up: 170 ℃, heat down 160 ℃, 15 minutes

How to make Matcha cake roll

How to make Matcha cake roll

How to make Matcha cake roll

1. Material preparation

2. Take 13 milk and mix with Matcha powder

3. Put the salt free butter in a small pot, boil it over low heat, turn off the heat immediately, sift in the low flour, and mix the butter and low gluten flour evenly with a rubber scraper.

4. Add milk in 2-3 times and mix well. Then add Matcha milk paste and mix well. Mix 3 egg yolks and pour them into the batter three times. Let stand for 15 minutes.

5. The protein is divided into three times, adding fine granulated sugar, beating until it is fine, dense and glossy. When it is pulled up, it can present a big hook state, which is about 8 points hard

6. Take a small amount of protein cream and put it into the egg yolk paste in step 5, and mix it evenly with a rubber scraper; then beat the remaining protein cream several times to make it smooth again, and then pour the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein cream, and mix it quickly and accurately with a scraper

7. Pour the batter into a baking tray covered with baking paper and smooth.

8. Put it into a preheated oven and bake for about 15 minutes until the surface is green with golden yellow. It is fluffy but relatively firm and elastic, and there is no rustle. After baking, move it to the grid, tear off the oil paper and cool it (it can be seen that the color of the bottom is a little yellow. Next time, adjust the bottom temperature to 5-10 degrees. After the bottom of the cake is cool, whisk the light cream and sugar

9. Apply the cream on the cake slice, more at the beginning and thinner at the end

10. After rolling, refrigerate for 20 minutes and cut into slices.