How to make Matcha cream cake

Matcha Cake

Material Science:

How to make Matcha cream cake

A egg yolk 5, fine sugar 20 g, salad oil 2 tablespoons, honey 2 tablespoons, milk 2 tablespoons

How to make Matcha cream cake

B. 5 protein, 2ml lemon juice, 50g fine sugar

How to make Matcha cream cake

C. Low gluten flour 75g, corn starch 10 g, tea powder 10 g

How to make Matcha cream cake

Tea cake practice

How to make Matcha cream cake

1. Mix yolk and sugar until the yolk color becomes lighter, sugar is basically melted, and the yolk liquid becomes thick and shiny. Add salt, stir evenly, add salad oil. Stir evenly every spoon, then add the second third spoon. Honey and milk are also added to the yolk and mix them into yolk paste.

2. Mix B powder, add egg yolk after screening, stir with rubber scraper to form a tea batter.

3. After adding lemon juice, the protein is sent with an electric egg beater. Add fine sugar three times in the middle, beat until the hard foaming.

4. Preheat oven 170 degrees. Mix the protein with the yolk batter twice, turn it evenly with a scraper, and finally pour the batter into the mold, gently knock a few times, and then drain the air bubble.

5. Put it in the middle and lower layers of the oven, fire up and down, bake for about 55 minutes. After baking, gently tap the cake surface with your hand, and there is no sand sound.

6. Take out immediately after baking, and then fold it on the baking net to cool and release.

Food tips

The mold can be scraped off by knife successively, or by hand. After gently pulling the periphery, take out the bottom and cake body, and then peel the bottom of cake gently by turning the hand. The edge of the cake demoulded by hand is more neat and natural and even.