How to make meigancai pie

Dried vegetable pie

Main ingredients: flour, dried vegetables, pork filling

How to make meigancai pie

Ingredients: onion, ginger, pig skin frozen, Angel Yeast

How to make meigancai pie

Seasoning: salt, raw extract, monosodium glutamate (one spoon) of sugar

How to make meigancai pie

The practice of the pie with dried vegetables

How to make meigancai pie

1. A pair of dried vegetables from Shaoxing.

How to make meigancai pie

2. Rinse with cold water.

How to make meigancai pie

3. Shaoxing new made dried plum vegetables are very clean, and the sand is little. After rinsing, it will be basically clean. Then, the dried water is extracted and chopped into pieces, mixed with pork filling, and then added shallots and ginger to taste.

How to make meigancai pie

4. Add a large lump of pig jelly, which can make the filling juicy.

How to make meigancai pie

5. Add some salt, raw extract, sugar (a little, fresh) and MSG. Stir evenly, and the filling is ready.

6. Dry flour is added into the pot and the juice is made of sweet wine.

7. Add appropriate amount of Angel yeast.

8. Stir with chopsticks, flake snow, and then knead into dough.

9. Close the cloth or cover, and send it for half an hour.

10. Knead the dough well.

11. After 15-20 minutes of standing, rub into large strips.

12. Cut into flour.

13. Flatten.

14. Take the filling and put it in the middle of the skin.

15. Like a bag, close it.

16. Close the mouth down, press gently into a round cake with your hand, and then gently press for a few minutes. Pour a little cooking oil into the pan, put the round cake in the pan, pay attention to the interval, because the hair cake will expand after heating.

17. Fry the cake into two golden yellow. Cover the pan during the period, because the meat filling is not good to ripen. In addition, the fire should not be too big, and the small fire will be burned slowly.

It’s really delicious to have one in the hot. The new dried plum dish is really good

It is perfect for meat, which not only improves the meat flavor, but also plays a light and greasy role.