How to make Melaleuca cream cake

Cream cake

Materials: 4 eggs, 65 g low powder, 40 g milk, 35g corn oil, 65g white sugar, 150 g light cream and 20 g of sugar.

How to make Melaleuca cream cake

The practice of thousand layer cream cake

How to make Melaleuca cream cake

1. Separate yolk and protein into two different containers. Add sugar, milk, corn oil and low gluten flour to mix well for standby.

How to make Melaleuca cream cake

2. The container of protein must be free of water and oil. Add a few drops of white vinegar, beat it to the coarse bubble and add sugar three times, and beat until the protein is dry foaming.

3. Put one third of the cream into the yolk paste and stir well, then pour it back into the cream and mix it in the above and down mixing way.

4. Pour into the oven (put on the oil paper in advance), shake a few times, and shake out big bubbles.

5. Put it in the preheated oven, 160 degrees middle layer, bake for 15 minutes, and tear off the oil paper after leaving the oven.

6. Until completely cooled, cream with 20 grams of sugar is added. The cake is cut into four pieces, coated with cream, and then a layer of cake is added. Finally, refrigerate the refrigerator for setting.

7. Cut the cake into one piece after refrigerated.

hot tip

1. Low powder is best sifted twice in advance to ensure the cake is delicate.

2. Yolk paste does not need to be stirred repeatedly, so as not to gluten the batter, mix well.

3. The cream and yolk paste must be mixed well, otherwise it will be easy to layer, which will affect the appearance and finished products.

4. Protein is sent into a breath, don’t busy with other things, plus sugar put for a long time after not so easy to pass.

5. The cake should be completely cool and then cream, or it will be turned.

6. After cream is applied, it is easy to cut into square cake after freezing the refrigerator.