How to make Mexican chicken pizza

Material Science:

A. Pasta: basic soft pizza dough 13, 9 “

How to make Mexican chicken pizza

B. Sauce: 120 g chicken leg meat (marinade: 2G salt, a little pepper, 20 g tomato sauce, 2ml chili sauce), 30ml vegetable oil, 30g onion and 30ml of water starch

How to make Mexican chicken pizza

C. Stuffing: 80g of mozzarella cheese, 60 g sesame and 2 red pepper

How to make Mexican chicken pizza

D. Others: brush the edge of the whole egg liquid 5ml, and apply the baking pan with butter 5 g

How to make Mexican chicken pizza

Mexican Chicken Pizza

How to make Mexican chicken pizza

1. apply grease to the mold to prevent sticking. Cut the onion and sesame seeds and break them. Cut the red pepper into a circle.

2. the dough is taken out after basic fermentation and rolled into a cake shape of mold size. Put into the plate, the bottom and the surrounding of the cake are evenly punched in the surface with forks for air permeability. Then cover the fresh film gently, put the warm place for the final fermentation.

3. cut small pieces of chicken leg meat, add marinade in turn, stir and marinate for 10 minutes.

4. heat the pan, pour in vegetable oil, then pour the onion into the fried flavor, add the marinated chicken dice, stir fry until the chicken changes color, pour in the water starch, heat until the soup is thick and thick, then turn off the fire.

5. preheat the oven 210-220 degrees.

6. take out the fermented cake, apply the thick soup juice from the fried chicken on the cake skin, sprinkle 23 cheese pieces, spread sesame vegetables evenly, then put chicken pieces and chili peppers, brush some egg liquid on the edge of the cake.

7. put it in the middle of oven, bake at 210-220 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

8. remove the cake, sprinkle the remaining 13 cheese on the surface, and bake it in the upper part of the oven for 3-5 minutes.