How to make microwave flower roll Erqiao peony delicious

Material Science

Flour yeast water spinach juice


1. Add water with flour, yeast and a white dough, ferment to 2.5-3 times;

2. Flour, yeast, spinach juice and a green dough were fermented to 2.5-3 times;

3. Cut the two colors of the face into small dosage forms, size varies, color staggered received a piece, rub the shape of the growth bar. Cut it into a few more formulations. I have five. Each roll the growth shape of the piece, one side thin and thick, one layer around, a large flower is done. It’s simple.

Do not need to wake up, wrap the container with fresh film and put it in microwave oven. Four minutes of high fire.

The taste is very like steaming curls because there is a fresh film to lock the water. It is also very good to tear and eat, because it is fast and mature, and the noodles can not be glued to one piece.