How to make microwave potato cake

Material Science

Ingredients: 250 grams of potatoes, 60 grams of wheat flour, 1 egg

Seasoning: 3 tbsp salad oil, moderate salt, a little pepper, 1 tbsp cream, moderate soybean oil


1. Wash potatoes, wrap them in plastic wrap, heat them with high power for 8 minutes, peel and mash them while they are hot. Knock the eggs into a bowl and beat them to make egg liquid.

2. Add salt, pepper, flour and cream to mashed potatoes, knead them into dough repeatedly by hand, and make them into round potato cake green bodies. Then dip them in egg liquid, and dip them in wrapping powder on both sides.

3. Put the frying dish into the microwave oven, preheat it with high power for 2 minutes, pour in salad oil and white deoiling, put the green potato cake in batches, fry it with high power for 3 minutes, turn it over and fry it for 3 minutes until both sides are golden