How to make milk flavor gold and silver roll

The following is a detailed illustration of the method of making milk flavor gold and silver roll. I will teach you how to make milk flavor gold and silver roll and how to make milk flavor gold and silver roll to be delicious. Many people say it's difficult to cook. In fact, it's very easy to look at the steps and the pictures, and it's easy to do it!

Main ingredients: 200g ordinary flour, 100g corn flour

Accessories: milk 115g, dry yeast 3G

Seasoning: 2G sugar, moderate warm water

The detailed steps of making milk flavor gold and silver roll are as follows:

The practice of delicious nutritious breakfast [milk flavored gold and silver roll] is arranged for you by our editor

1. Not more than 35 degrees of warm water 50 ml;

2. Add dry yeast, sugar, stir well with a small spoon until dissolved, and let stand for 5-10 minutes;

3. When a thick layer of small bubbles appear on the surface of the yeast solution, it is enough;

4. Pour the yeast liquid into the flour and prepare a warm water;

5. First, use chopsticks to stir into flocculent, and then use hands and noodles. Add water in little by little. When you feel soft and hard, put the dough on the surface and knead it until the surface is smooth for fermentation;

6. The dough can be expanded to twice its original size.

Method 2 (making scroll)

1. Prepare milk and corn flour;

2. The milk is hot to 70-80 degrees;

3. While pouring milk, stir corn flour with chopsticks until flocculent;

4. Mix into smooth corn dough and cover for a moment;

5. Sprinkle appropriate amount of flour on the panel, knead the dough evenly and divide it into two equal parts. Corn flour is also divided into two equal parts;

6. Roll one of the dough into a square pie shape as far as possible. The thickness depends on your preference, but not too thin;

7. Beat the corn flour into a small cake shape by hand and evenly spread it on the dough;

8. Roll up gently;

9. Cut into small rolls of the same size (about the size of an egg), put the cut rolls on the cover mat and cover them with gauze for the second fermentation (about 20 minutes in summer, longer in winter, until they become a little swollen, then they can be steamed in the cage;

10. Spread the soaked flannelette on the drawer, place it evenly (leave a gap between the two rolls to prevent adhesion), put it on the pot with cold water, heat it with medium heat until steaming, and then steam for 15 minutes;

Have you learned the above nutritious breakfast method? Thank you very much for your attention!