How to make milk fragrant jujube cake delicious

Material Science

Corn flour and flour (2:1), an egg, a bag of fresh milk (can also be replaced by milk powder), sugar, a little salt, dry yeast, red dates


1. Heat the milk until it is warm. Mix all the ingredients into mud. If it is too dry, add some warm water. (if milk powder is used, warm water and noodles can be used)

Cover the steamer with sand and cover it with gauze for 2 hours.

3. At this time, take an empty bowl and soak the dates in cold water.

4. After one hour, the dough is ready (if the dough is not good enough, keep it still until it starts), wash the jujube and press it into the dough evenly.

5. Turn to medium fire for 15 minutes after the big fire is boiled, and turn off the fire. Don’t lift the lid at this time, and keep stuffy for about 15 ~ 30 minutes.

6. A little air cooling can change the knife into pieces.


It’s not difficult to make hair cake. As long as you master the proportion and dosage of yeast and flour, it’s OK to make a good face. (the amount of yeast is specified in the package)