How to make milk fragrant purple potato cake

Material Science

Purple potato, milk, xylitol, autogenous powder


1. Peel, cut and steam the purple potato

2. Let it cool a little and grind it into purple potato paste.

3. Add milk powder, xylitol and milk. (because people who make steamed bread like milk, so they add it. In fact, it’s healthy to add nothing

4. Add autogenous powder. (after practice, it’s almost as soft as dumpling skin, so it should be better. My steamed dumpling is cracked on the surface. It’s flowery steamed bread. It’s full of tears.)

5. After all kinds of kneading, cover with wet cloth, then cover the pot, etc. (I have yeast in my wood. I use self-made powder. I start to make it at 4 p.m. while watching TV, I do it at 6 p.m. to finish step 4. I get up at 12 p.m. the next day and it’s ready.).. Chubby, double inflated)

6. Boil water and steam for 20 minutes, but I’ve seen it by accident.. In fact, more steaming will not break it

Ha ha ha~

Well, because my face and I are soft, the epidermis is cracked and not good-looking. Let’s cut it into triangle shape.

I wish you all success~