How to make Mini Madeleine Cake

Mini Madeleine Cake

Materials: 1 egg (about 50g), butter 50g, low Powder 50g, beat powder 2 g, sugar Powder 50g, lemon peel 1

How to make Mini Madeleine Cake

The practice of mini Madeleine Cake

How to make Mini Madeleine Cake

1. Beat eggs, stir evenly with sugar powder;

How to make Mini Madeleine Cake

2. The low powder and the foaming powder are mixed and sifted into the egg liquid;

3. After the mixture is evenly cut, add lemon peel, and continue to mix evenly;

4. Melt butter into liquid by separating water, pour into the batter, mix until fully blended;

5. Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour and remove it, and then recover to the flowing state;

6. Pour batter into the flower mounting bag, cut the small mouth, squeeze into the mold, and fill it with nine points;

7. 190 degrees, up and down, middle, 17 minutes or so.

Talk about the shortcomings of the mold with its own square:

1. Lemon peel did not mix with sugar in advance, and the aroma was insufficient.

2. This quantity makes this mold, can make 30. It’s better to make two portions so that you can just bake twice.

hot tip

1. If you like rich flavors, you can also add cranberry, raisins or nuts like walnuts to the batter;

2. Talk about this 20 company Mini Madeleine mold, first time open, no oil, release when it comes out, no pressure, clear lines behind;