How to make Mousse Cake

One 6-inch round mold with movable bottom

Cake Ingredients: egg yolk 1, sugar 5g, salad oil 15ml, milk 25ml, low powder 30g, vanilla essence a little

How to make Mousse Cake

Protein 2, sugar 15g, lemon juice a little, salt a little

How to make Mousse Cake

Mousse ingredients: Fresh Cream 100ml milk 100ml sugar 45g fish glue 5g rose water 1 tbsp, red pigment 2 drops (no need to put)

How to make Mousse Cake

Jelly material: Water 300ml rose water 60ml lemon juice 1 tbsp sugar 8g fish glue powder 8.5g

How to make Mousse Cake

Cake method: 6-inch bottom mold (only two-thirds, about 1cm thick). The rest made 2 cupcakes.)

1. Mix egg yolk with 5g sugar, add salad oil and milk

2. Sift in the low flour that has been sifted twice in advance, mix well, add vanilla essence and mix well

3. Add a little lemon juice and salt into the protein, beat until the foam is thick, add 15g sugar, beat until the foam is neutral (it can have upright small sharp corners)

4. Add the 13 protein cream into the egg yolk paste and stir, then mix the 13 protein cream with it. Pour the remaining protein cream back into the mold and shake it twice

5. Preheat the oven at 150 ℃ and bake the middle and lower layers for about 40 minutes. After cooling, brush the surface of the cake with a spoonful of rose water and half a spoonful of rum. The cake is moist and soft

Mousse approach

1. Beat the fresh cream to 8 and refrigerate

2. Pour half of the milk into the fish glue powder and mix it well. Pour the remaining milk and sugar into the pot and bring to a boil. Pour the milk containing fish glue powder into the pot and cook while stirring

3. Turn off the heat and pour 1 tablespoon rose water and 2 drops of pigment into 2. Mix well

4. Put ice water on the bottom of 3 and stir to cool it. When it begins to thicken, put it into the fresh cream refrigerated in the refrigerator and stir it evenly (if there is no ice water, put 3 into the refrigerator and refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes, be careful not to become too thick)

5. Pour 4% of mousse paste into the bottom of the cake, shake 2 times on the table to shake out the air inside, scrape the surface flat with a scraper, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator (for more than 4-5 hours, it should be completely solidified)

Jelly practice

1. Put 100g of water into the fish glue powder and stir it evenly. Put the remaining 200g of water, rose water, lemon juice and sugar into the pot and boil it over low heat. Put the water containing fish glue powder into the pot. Be careful not to boil until the sugar and fish glue powder melt. Turn off the fire immediately and cool it

2. Cut off the branches of the rose, wash them gently with water, and control the moisture


1. Take the solidified mousse out of the refrigerator, insert the rose into the mousse, and gently press it to the end

2. Pour the cooled jelly liquid onto the mousse with a spoon, and also the flower core part

3. Refrigerate 2 in the refrigerator for more than 5 hours until it is completely frozen

One more word

I use rose water to buy ready-made fresh rose drink, which contains sugar. If not, I can make some rose tea and add sugar according to my preference. It’s best to buy Edible Roses, but I didn’t buy them, so I used ordinary ones. I didn’t eat the flower part.

In fact, the edible flowers have no taste, mainly for decoration.

Finally, when pouring the jelly into the mousse, the jelly must be cool, otherwise it will make the mousse melt, but it can’t be cool for too long, it will become thick and difficult to operate. This degree should be well controlled. I have been watching until the liquid with fish glue powder is poured immediately after cooling. When heated, the boiling fish glue powder can’t solidify