How to make Mufurong Flower Pancakes

Ingredients: Hibiscus, eggs, flour, water, salt;

The practice of the pancake with hibiscus

How to make Mufurong Flower Pancakes

1. There are 56 hibiscus flowers, with roots and stamens removed, petals torn off, washed in clear water, drained water;

How to make Mufurong Flower Pancakes

2. Add an egg into the petals of Hibiscus, add some flour, water and salt, stir evenly into a flowing batter, and then stand for a while;

3. Apply a small amount of oil to the electric pancake. After preheating, scoop a small spoon of batter, and spread it as thinly as possible. After the bottom solidifies, it can be pushed forward, and then the surface can be fried slightly to be filled. (if the cake is spread thin, it can be filled without turning over the surface, and the batter will solidify and change color).

It is said that there is a famous dish in Song Dynasty, which makes tender tofu with fresh hibiscus flowers,

Red and white, such as the red clouds after snow, beauty said snow Ji soup.

Well, use tofu, wood and lotus blossom to open soup. Try it sometime.

This is a hot photo, when the lotus petals are heated and cooled, they will slowly turn gray purple.