How to make mung bean glutinous rice dumplings delicious

Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so Zongye and maliancao play a role in helping digestion. This food doesn't have to be eaten on festivals. It can also be eaten at ordinary times. This Zongye is green Ruo Li Ye, that is, children learn Chinese: Green Ruo Li, green coir raincoat. This is the material. Bamboo leaves have a good function of dispersing and removing silt. At the same time, qingruo Liye is soaked in water for the lactating mother. If you want to stop the milk. Use it to make water instead of tea. Quite effective, of course, do not recommend breast-feeding mothers eat dumplings, the reason should be very clear

Material Science

1000 grams of glutinous rice, 400 grams of huleless mung bean, right amount of Zizania leaf and horse grass


Put the glutinous rice and green beans in the basin respectively, and soak them in cold water for about 6 hours

2. Soak the rice dumpling leaves and the grass in the water

3 2-3 pieces of rice dumpling leaves at the bottom of the nest out of a corner, and then put glutinous rice, then put mung beans, and then put a layer of glutinous rice, and finally the top of the rice dumpling leaves across, wrapped

4. Tie up the rice dumplings with marigold

5 with electric pressure cooker water, no dumplings, boil 1 hour

When eating, remove the leaves of zongzi, boil it into syrup with brown sugar, and dip it in zongzi


Mupi mung bean can remove the greasy and indigestible glutinous rice. Boiled out of the dumplings, no skin mung bean, chestnut flavor

Especially with brown sugar syrup to eat, taste unique, can be eaten all year round. You can also remove the skin of zongzi and use it to make lotus leaf chicken rice with lotus leaf. The rice is fragrant and waxy

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